APRIL 30, 2024

The first week of Qualifying was March 2024. We qualified 30 Candidates in our first cycle! We are incredibly proud of our team of recruiters who called and interviewed candidates. We also did the following:

  • Supported candidates with an endorsement forum where they could find out about how to get endorsements from endorsing organizations
  • We gave them maps to parking and qualifying location at the GA State Capital
  • We greeted and assisted them at the Capitol
  • We gave them free headshots for their use in literature and websites
  • We created a Signal group to share and exchange ideas and strategies
  • We had a pop-up zoom to help them understand the Secretary of State Disclosure form due at the end of the month regardless of amount raised
  • We connected them to Arena Training held in Atlanta
  • Gave them access to free professional video taping for their own use on website
  • Continued monthly meetings
  • Gave them information about who to contact at the secretary of state

We have learned a lot from our first cycle and will continue to recruit these candidate and others until we have every seat filled for the 2026 election in Georgia.

DECEMBER 6, 2023

Starting June 2023, we met via Zoom with four candidates we recruited from lists we obtained, who demonstrated strong affiliations with the Democratic Party in areas we needed. We meet with our candidates once a month to keep them informed and provide emotional support. Additionally, we offer information on qualifying for office, other training opportunities, and various issues, among other topics.

In July 2023, we had eight candidates and four potential candidates. By August 2023, our numbers increased to nine candidates and three potential candidates. September 2023 saw further growth, with eleven candidates and two potential candidates.

The October and November 2023 meeting was canceled due to municipal elections.

As of December 2023, we currently have fourteen candidates and two potential candidates. This demonstrates over a 200% growth rate in just six months. While we may not reach our goal of recruiting all fifty candidates this cycle, we are committed to continuously increasing our candidate pool each cycle and providing them with the necessary support.

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